Cllr Bob Price, Oxford City Council

“Rising homelessness is a national issue and the street count shows the devastating impact of the housing crisis on the streets of our city. This is a crisis that needs action from central government, including building many more affordable homes and requiring councils to do more to tackle rough sleeping in their own areas.

“Oxford does more than most councils to tackle rough sleeping, which means that homeless people end up on the city’s streets when they should be getting help elsewhere – at the street count, nearly a fifth of rough sleepers were known to have connections with other parts of Oxfordshire, and more than a third had no connection to Oxfordshire at all.

“I am pleased by the positive response of individuals and groups in Oxford to start an important conversation on how we can do more together to tackle rough sleeping in the city. I hope that the City Conversation will enable us to come up with a collective approach that will help us to reduce rough sleeping in Oxford.”