Latest data – November 2017

In the most recent street count conducted by Oxford City Council and homelessness organisations in November 2017, 61 people were found to be sleeping rough on the night of the count, a significant increase from 33 in 2016.

Of these;

  • 9 had a connection to Oxford
  • 15 had a connection to other Oxfordshire districts,
  • 27 had no connection any area of the county.
  • 6 people were of unknown connection at the time of the count.
  • 3 were recently in prison
  • 1 had an expired local connection

The majority of people found on the count were UK nationals, and 11 were from other EU countries.

Of the 21 people known at the time of the count to have no connection (local or pathway) to Oxfordshire, 12 have rough slept in the city for over 1 year. Where it is clear that a person may not have a connection anywhere, the City’s Outreach Team (Oxford SPOT) may apply for an exemption from the connection criteria under the ‘Reconnection Policy’.

Of the 61 people identified on the night of the count, 55 people found were already known to services, with 22 having rough slept in the City for over 6 months; most had high level support needs including 25 who had mental ill health issues (10 of these 25 known drug users), 24 who misuse drugs, and 20 who misuse alcohol.

The following important changes, between the November 2016 and November 2017 Oxford City counts, should also be noted:

  • A significant increase in number of women found on the count – from 0 to 10 individuals
  • An increase in 18-25 year olds – from 1 to 3
  • An increase in number of EEA nationals found – from 6 to 11
  • An increase in the number of adults aged 60 years and over – from 2 to 5

In addition to the official street count, the council and homeless organisations estimate that 89 people could be sleeping rough on any given night in Oxford, up from 47 in 2016.

(Data updated 2 March 2018 with additional information on local connections)

Quarterly Bulletin: July to September 2017

This presents information about people seen sleeping rough by the Oxford Street Population Outreach Team (Oxford SPOT) in Oxford city. Information in the report is derived from the Oxford Combined Homelessness and Information Network (Oxford CHAIN). Oxford CHAIN is commissioned by Oxford City Council and managed by St Mungo’s.

Headline findings

  • 243 people were seen rough sleeping, which is an increase over the previous quarter (220)
  • 77 people (32%) were seen sleeping rough for the first time in Oxford.
  • 64% of new rough sleepers were only seen rough sleeping once. 25 new rough sleepers accessed the ‘sit-up’ service
  • Oxford SPOT helped 69 rough sleepers into accommodation or to return to their home area
  • The nationality profile of rough sleepers has been consistent for the past 2 years. Polish is the dominant non-UK nationality
  •  78% of those assessed had mental health support needs, often in addition to other support needs.
  • 6 people (4%). 43% of those assessed had two support needs in addition to their homelessness, with 35% having three support needs.
  • A very small percentage of those assessed had no reported support needs or support needs were not known
  • This shows that a large proportion of the individuals Oxford SPOT work with have a range of different and multiple needs, and that these individuals need a lot of support from a number of different services.

You can also view the statistical data sets on homelessness published on GOV.UK

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